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The Old Way

Traditional products used for event management typically focus on a single aspect of an event, like sending invitations, capturing RSVPs, arranging tables, or checking-in guests. As a result, the guest data is copied onto multiple sources in different formats and it becomes practically impossible to make sense of guests’ past activity.

The old way
Invite Design
Send Emails
Guest Lists
RSVP Capture
Check In
The old way
The Diobox wayCRM

The Diobox Way

Diobox provides a holistic solution in the convoluted events market by seamlessly integrating events and guest activity in a modern and simple interface. Businesses can now manage attendees and track their relationships, allowing them to gain valuable insights over time.

The Diobox way

An intelligent contacts database tracks your guest history across multiple events.

Because it's not possible to remember everything.

Connect the dots

Diobox includes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system built from the ground up specifically for event management. Use the Diobox CRM System to manage interactions with your guests and track event activities. Diobox easily consolidates previously fragmented information into a single database, subsequently providing meaning and value to your business and to your event.

Diobox screenshot

The Diobox CRM automatically tracks guest information and activities, such as emails, RSVPs and check-ins. Manual options are available as well to track payments, packages and even travel arrangements – all of which are automatically incorporated into the analytics. Collectively, these activities show interactions with your guests across multiple events, which can later validate or predict guest behaviors.

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Diobox is free on both mobile and web for events up to 50 guests with complete access to guest lists, check-in, seating and tables.