Built to be Adaptive for Different Businesses


Diobox Connects the Dots

Because it’s impossible to memorize everything

In the business world, relationships are everything. Knowing the patterns, behaviors, likes and dislikes of your clients is most valuable. Diobox lets you aggregate this information through its CRM and more importantly, it organizes it in such a way that can bring meaning and value to your business.

The built-in CRM captures different types of information from different sources. Guest responses to invitations are automatically collected, while you can manually edit or track new types of data, either on the web app or on-the-go with the native iOS apps. Unlike other event management systems, Diobox offers a feature-rich iPhone and iPad app that can be used at any stage of the event. For example, if you are hosting a multi-day conference, capture multiple check-ins per guest and continue to segment your list by assigning more than one tag to your guests. All of this can be done even if your iOS device is not online: it stores your data locally and pushes your data to the cloud automatically as soon as the device is reconnected.

PR & Agency

Use a Single Login

Access Multiple Accounts

By the nature of their business, PR Firms and agencies have many clients, and each of those clients requires a lot of attention. Organizing multiple events and managing guest lists can be an exhausting job, especially when many invitees can be targeted for multiple clients. Diobox makes it easy to create multiple accounts, each with their own distinct contacts, events, and billing details. Switch between these accounts seamlessly (using one login) and share them with only the corresponding clients and team members.


Cultivate your Relationship with Supporters

And continue to engage them

With Diobox, you can track charitable contributions made through any means: credit card, check, and even cash. You can browse individual contributions or see total spend. This helps you stay up-to-date with your supporters and find out how they’ve interacted with you at your events. By viewing their profile, you can separate no-shows from regular attendees and discover your true supporters.

If there are specific questions you need to ask your guests, create a custom questionnaire for them to answer during the registration process -- this streamlines logistics. You can also create a post-event feedback questionnaire. With the Diobox Email Invitation module, you can always keep your constituents engaged and excited about your mission.


Know the Numbers

Whether you are counting the models or the bottles

In mega-clubs and exclusive lounges (and everything in between), properly handling the hustle and bustle at the door is crucial. One of the primary functions of the doorman is to recognize and accommodate guests with priority, and with traditional event management tools, detailed guest information is difficult to reconcile and quickly access. With Diobox, guest visits, total spend, and ratings are stored so anyone on your team can pull up the history and view preferences in a flash.

Your team can use the built-in 1 to 5 star rating system to rank your guests (based on your own standards) which can assist in priority entry and seating. You can also store the total plus-ones when the booking is confirmed and specify gender for more detailed analytics.


Maximize your reception with minimal work

No more individual emails or time-consuming spreadsheets

We know throwing a gallery reception is hectic. Typically, you would have to use one product to send invitations, another to capture RSVPs and track check-ins, and perhaps even a third product to connect with and track buyers and collectors. This process generates a lot of unnecessary work and also fragments your data. With Diobox, you have a single platform to create an elegant invitation, send it to your entire list and track RSVPs. When it’s time for check-in, all this data—as well as data for past events—is displayed regarding each guest so you can take appropriate actions upon their arrival.


After the Show, it’s the After-Party

Throw away the spreadsheets and Post-it notes

Whether you manage the retail store, organize the runway show, or throw the after-party, chances are the same person will attend more than one of your events, and insight helps you make smarter decisions. Diobox offers this important Insight, such as tracking visits, guest and plus-one attendance, as well as individual preferences. If a guest attends but did not RSVP, you can still access profile and preferences and properly accommodate them upon arrival. In addition, by using the added feature of guest images, when they arrive, even if you’ve never seen them before, you know exactly who they are. Check-in alerts, for example for VIP guests, can be configured and sent automatically once they arrive. This way your staff can immediately handle special needs and requests.


After the Party, it's the Hotel Lobby

The secret analytics that enhance brand loyalty
 and ensure that they keep coming back

Some of the most memorable parties take place in hotels, but the existing reservation systems in hotels cannot handle special events. As a result, hotel operators are forced to use one product for sending email invitations, one for tracking RSVPs and another for managing check-in, which in most cases is a printout of a spreadsheet. We think these “quick fixes” are unprofessional, unsustainable, and most certainly not the most efficient way to manage an event.

Diobox adds an intelligent framework that runs on top of your existing reservation system. We even included a “Decline” option, which encourages your guests to respond to an invitation regardless of the answer, letting you differentiate between the guests who took the time to respond and the ones who ignored your invitation. It's a convenient way to segment your lists in real-time based on invitee responses.


Create Personal Relationships with all Your Customers

Even the Ones You Have Never Met

Whether you are hosting an intimate dinner, a reception, or operating a 5-star restaurant, great service is essential to your business. We help you make this service even better by showing you all data captured for each customer on our CRM module, which analyzes guest activities across all your properties. In a way, Diobox makes it possible for you to treat all of your customers as regulars.

Using the Visual Table Management Tool, built into every Diobox event, you can create your venue seating configuration and assign your guests to tables. You can even create waiting lists for each table and make last-minute swaps on our iOS apps, which pushes the changes to everyone on your team instantly.


Keep Your Private Member Details Private

But recognize all of their faces and names

Private membership clubs are exclusive and posh, and respecting the privacy of members is one of the core fundamentals of operating such clubs. Diobox makes it easy for members to RSVP for events with a single click because each invitation includes a unique link just for them that retrieves their information. You may want to hide sensitive details like phone numbers or email address from certain people on your own team. The Diobox Team Management Module lets you create user roles that suppress this information, so members can check guests in while keeping their details protected.

Members may update their own profile, for example changing jobs or addresses. Diobox allows you to automatically pull the most recent member details, including their companies, job titles, and photos from their social profiles. This way, the membership database remains up-to-date, their information is protected, and most importantly your members are satisfied.


There’s No Business like Show Business

Yet managing the talent is tough business

Hosting a big event requires working with multiple affiliates to ensure all desired guests can attend. In many cases, promoters, publicists, sponsors, and bookers have their own lists. If each affiliate group uses a different system to handle invitations and RSVPs, it becomes practically impossible to consolidate these lists and to ensure that guests do not receive duplicate invitations. The problem continues at the event entrance, where the door staff need to carry lists from different affiliates. Diobox simplifies this process by allowing the main organizer to share the event with multiple parties, so all guest lists, invitations, RSVPs, and arrivals are consistent and without redundancy.

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