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Diobox simplifies the convoluted process of managing events with features that collectively solve a complex problem using a beautiful and functional design.

It's like having 5 event apps combined into one!

Guest Lists and Check-In

Powerful Guest List Management

We know things can get hectic when organizing event guest lists. Diobox provides several options for categorizing, searching, and filtering, so you can organize your list and interact with guests in a way that works best for you and your event.

Guest ListsGuest ListsGuest Lists

Guest Status

Diobox offers individual guest status updates. As a result, each guest always has a status of either “Confirmed,” “Unconfirmed,” or “Declined.” When using the Diobox Invitation Module, guest status is also automatically linked to guest responses.

Guest Status

Guest List Tagging

For larger events with different categories of attendees, such as VIPs, delegates, partners, sponsors, clients, speakers, or staff, Diobox uses the “tagging” concept where a category (or categories) can be applied to guests. Create as many tags as you’d like for each guest or group.

Guest List Tagging
Guest ListsGuest ListsGuest Lists

Guest Profile with Custom Fields

Add an unlimited number of custom fields with specific content types, such as email addresses, phone numbers, dates, and social profiles, or create your own text fields. There is also a special “Assistant” field to track direct contact information for guests who communicate via assistants.

Guest Edit Mode

Import CSVs

Use standard csv files to import contacts into Diobox. This process allows you to map your csv columns into new or existing fields.

If your CSV file contains guests already in your event, the import process gives you the option to merge those guests, preventing duplication.

Import Window

Best-in-Class Check-In App

We focused on user interface so you can focus on your event.

Guest ListsGuest ListsGuest ListsGuest Lists

Event and Guest Controls

Access and manage high-level event operations, e.g., create lists and tables, import and export guests, and revise event settings through a single visual dropdown for convenience and efficiency.

Event Menu


Check all guests in quickly and easily. “Plus-ones” can be checked in independently or with their guest, depending upon their arrival. You can even specify guest gender for more detailed analytics.


Multiple Check-Ins

Track multiple arrivals for each guest – useful if you hold a multi-day event and want to track and record how often the attendees leave and return.

Check-In Popover
Guest ListsGuest Lists


On your Dashboard, you can easily manage your entire event and see an overview of your event and guest activity, including status bars that show the RSVP and arrival progress. You can also view the breakdown of guests and their plus-ones.

Always In Sync

Forget the sync button! Diobox uses push notifications to sync all of your event information in real-time. If your device drops offline temporarily, all new check-ins and updates will remain in queue and will automatically sync as soon as your device is reconnected.

Offline Mode

No Internet connection available on event day? Don’t worry, the Diobox Offline Mode enables you to download all event and guest data, so you can use Diobox anytime and anywhere.

Offline Mode Setup

Leveraging the Latest iOS Hardware and Software

Diobox makes the best use of iPad Pro, iPhone 7, and iOS 10 creating an experience as immersive as the device you are using.

Leveraging iOSLeveraging iOSLeveraging iOS

3D Touch

Use the pressure-sensing display on your iPhone for Peek and Pop, allowing you to preview events and guests (with check-in shortcuts) without actually having to open them. And use Quick Actions from the Home screen to jump to any recent events.

Guest Peek

Spotlight Search

Diobox uses the latest search technologies in iOS to search your guests even when the app is not open. As long as you are logged in, your guest data is searchable (across events) from your global Spotlight search screen.

Spotlight Search

Enhance Guest Profiles

Turn plain email addresses into rich contacts that are up-to-date with their online profiles. Automatically add photos, names, companies, titles, and social links.

Emails, Invitations and RSVPs

Send Invitations with RSVPs–together at last!

You no longer have to use an email marketing software for sending invitations and another system to track RSVPs.


Send emails that are linked to private RSVP pages

RSVPs are private and non-transferrable which prevents any single email invitation to be used more than once, helping you gain control over attendance and headcount.

Track Emails and RSVPs

With Diobox, once invitations are sent, you can track activity in real-time. Since each invitation contains a special link, you can track and confirm deliveries and RSVPs. You can even track whether guests have opened and clicked on their invitation link.

Guest ListsGuest Lists

Public RSVP Pages

You also have the option to create a public RSVP page with a static link that anyone can use to register for the event. This is ideal for sharing events on social media to grow your guest database and increase attendance.


On any RSVP page (public or private), you can include a questionnaire for your guests to answer during the registration process.

Answers can be viewed grouped together in a survey format while guest records contain individual responses.

RSVP Questionnaires

How your guests RSVP for an event

A quick and clutter-free way that encourages
 your guests to RSVP – improving overall activation


Guest RSVP in 2 Clicks

Your guests no longer have to enter their details because each invitation is tied to your Master Database which already includes their contact information.


Accept & Decline

Encourage your guests to respond to an invitation, even if it’s a “Decline.” Doing so helps you differentiate between the guests who took the time to respond and the ones who ignored the invitation.

The Diobox Invitation Builder in 4 Easy Steps

The entire process of designing an email and 
setting up an RSVP page takes a few clicks.

Invitation BuilderInvitation BuilderInvitation BuilderInvitation Builder

Step 1

Target who should be receiving the invitation.

Step 2

Design the email invitation message.

Step 3

Create the RSVP page with a questionnaire.

Step 4

Review, set auto-responders and send!

CRM and Guest History

Guest History Across Multiple Events

With a single tap, view your guest Scorecard which includes all invitations, attendance and spending records. If a guest RSVPs for an event but doesn’t show up, the Scorecard automatically lists this under “No Shows,” helping you make better decisions for future invitations.

Guest Lists

Guest Activity for Tracking Data Points

Detailed data is what separates good event organizers from great event organizers. With tools for tracking visits, spending behavior and accommodations, you create and maintain a guest profile that would otherwise be impossible to remember.



Track guest spending—big or small—using different payment methods, including check and cash.

Email Invitation

Email invitations sent by Diobox automatically track open and click rates as well as RSVP responses.


Manually track invitations that were not captured electronically, like paper invitations sent via postal mail.


Knowing your guest arrival and departure details can help you make transportation arrangements.


Rank your guests based on your own standards using our internal rating system – only for the event organizer’s team.


Insert a note each time you interact with a guest. Mark these notes with a type and date of resolution.

Adding Guests from Past Events

When typing a new guest name, Diobox automatically searches past events and suggests names from your Master Database. This way, you save time by not having to re-enter all the guest info, while you build a history for that guest.

Tables and Seating

Table Management and Seating Assignments

Managing your tables and seating charts without the hassle of creating the entire floor plan

Visual Tables

Create a visual representation of your tables by specifying table type and number of seats. Everything else is done automatically. Include optional guest images to your seating charts.


If a table is full, a waitlist is created to include guests who have interest or priority to be seated at that table.

Multiple Views

Since tables, seats and guests are all connected, you can make seating arrangements from the guest view or the table view—making changes to one automatically updates the other.

Team Collaboration

Work With Your Team

Invite your team members to share events with different permissions


Multiple team members can simultaneously access the same event and perform tasks like sending invitations, adding, editing and checking in guests. All data is synced in real-time so all team members can track the overall progress.


Restrict Access

Diobox offers different team access levels to limit or completely restrict access to your guest’s contact information:

Event Administrator

Access complete event features and manage team members

Guest Manager

Create and edit guests, guest lists and tables

Door Operator

Check-in guests, view guest activity and add new activity

Door Staff

Check-in only without access to guest emails and phone numbers


RSVP Notifications

You and anyone on your team can receive instant email notifications when guests confirm (or decline) their RSVPs.

You can even customize an automatic confirmation that is sent to your guests.


Check-In Alerts

Setup check-in alerts for individual guests or for an entire guest list – this way, an email notification is sent automatically when any of those guests (or their plus-ones) check-in.


Arrival Mode

During high-traffic events, multiple staff members can help with the check-in process. Diobox includes an Arrival View with the date and time of each guest check-in as well as the team member who checked-in that guest. When connected to the Internet, check-ins are synced in real-time.


Images & Signs

Share images, like seating charts and venue photos with everyone on your team. Any image added by any team member is made available to the rest of the team.

You can also turn your iPad into a digital sign by using pre-made images that are branded with your event name.


Single Login Allows Access to Multiple Accounts

The Diobox Event CRM allows you to manage or join multiple teams but run them independently. With this feature, you can easily switch between accounts –using the same login– without identifying or overlapping guests or events.


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Diobox is free on both mobile and web for events up to 50 guests with complete access to guest lists, check-in, seating and tables.