Powering Fashion Week Events

Diobox is an all-in-one solution for fashion brands to manage runway shows, after-parties, and host private events. It’s more than just offering features – it's about simplifying the event management process with a beautiful and functional design.

Steps for digitizing your entire show

1. Sign Up for Diobox

  • Create your account:  https://app.diobox.com/register
  • Create your account on the iOS app or on diobox.com using a desktop browser.
  • Start your subscription which will provide you with hosting unlimited events.
  • Use the promo code NYFW17 during checkout to apply a permanent 15% discount on your subscription plan (only valid until the end of fashion week).
  • Download the iPhone/iPad app:

2. Setup your Event

3. Organize Attendees

  • Categorize your attendees into guest lists. Typical lists for fashion events are: models, stylists, buyers, editors, publicists, and VIPs. You can assign each attendee into multiple lists.
  • Tip: you can use the "guest list" column in your CSV file to import attendees into different categories all at once, or you can assign guest lists later on the iOS apps.
  • For additional help:

4. Send Invitations

  • Use the Diobox Invitation module to design the invitation emails that are linked to private RSVP pages. By default, Diobox includes a unique RSVP link for every email, so that each invitation is non-transferable and can only be used to RSVP the invited guest.
  • Tips:
    • As soon as the guest clicks the RSVP link and registers, you’ll receive an email notification. You will also see the guest status change to Confirmed (with a blue label) in realtime.
    • You can send reminders by targeting attendees based on their confirmation status or your own guest lists.
    • If you don’t use the Invitation module, you can still manually confirm or decline each attendees using the Guest Status field.
  • For additional help:

5. Check-In Attendees

  • On event day, use the Diobox iPhone or iPad app to check-in all attendees. If your devices are connected online, all check-ins sync in real-time.
  • Tips
    • If a special guest shows up without an invitation, you can always add them on the fly.
    • Plus-ones: a guest of a guest can also be checked-in independently on arrival (attached to an existing guest).
    • If you don’t have an internet connection on event day, use the Offline Mode to download all guest data, so you can use Diobox anytime and anywhere.
  • For additional help:


Clone your runway show to replicate all guests into a new event. The guest confirmations are reset, but their history is retained. By inviting the same guest to multiple events, you begin to create a profile for them which tracks their attendance and activities across events.

How to clone your event

Top 5 reasons for using Diobox at your upcoming fashion events

  • More Affordable

    Why pay for expensive software? Big brands can afford enterprise products like FGPS that cost well over $1,000/month, but a Diobox subscription provides the same event functionalities and starts at only $99/month.

    View the Pricing Page
  • Better User Experience

    Diobox simplifies the convoluted process of hosting and managing events. It’s modern user interface was designed from the ground up to keep up with the busiest events, with delightful features and high performance.

    Watch the Video
  • Integrated Product

    Eliminate the need to use of multiple products and eliminate the headache of dealing with data fragmentation. Diobox offers an all-in-one platform for guest lists, sending email invitations, tracking RSVPs, managing seating, and checking-in guests.

    See the Feature Page
  • Fully Mobile for Teams

    Unlike other antiquated apps that only provide basic check-in functionality, the Diobox iPhone and iPad apps provide all product features covering the entire event lifecycle.

    You can also set different access levels for team members. A special permission setting is available for the door staff where private attendee information (like emails and phone numbers) are concealed.

  • Built-In Intelligence

    Diobox includes a Client Relationship Management (CRM) to store guest preferences and guest activities. This CRM also tracks guest history with meaningful analytics in a “Guest Scorecard” screen. For example, if the same guest is invited to more than 1 event, Diobox will automatically reveal the number of invitations, attendance records, and even no-shows.